Center Stage with Efrem Wilder

Thunderous Riffs, Electric Stories: Unleash the Volume Control with Efrem Wilder.

Step into the realm of rock greatness with Efrem Wilder, a maestro of music, poetry, and craftsmanship. Originating from the serene northern New York forest, Wilder’s journey unfolds as a harmonious blend of musician, songwriter, painter, poet, and master stone mason. From shaping historic walls in Germany to rocking stages with bands like German Mountain Girls and Stirwater, Wilder’s sonic legacy knows no bounds. Collaborating with icons lfrom around the world, Efrem is now a driving force in the vibrant Volume Control Band. Dive into to witness the fusion of Wilder’s North American roots and European flair. This is Efrem Wilder’s saga, where every note played and every stone laid tells a tale of rock and roll passion and creativity.